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Sydney Distance Education High School enrols students in the greater Sydney Metropolitan area. SDEHS drawing area

Distance education is an alternative option for students who are not able to continue their education in their local high school and who are not able to fulfil their educational requirements at their own school. Students must meet specific guidelines to be eligible for distance education enrolment.

What are the benefits?
Studying by distance education enables students to: 

  • have direct contact with teachers by email, phone and post
  • be visited by teachers where possible
  • attend study days, seminars and excursions to provide contact with other students
  • borrow excellent resources from an extensive library which includes books, DVDs, CD ROMs, music CDs, audio books and pamphlets.

Students can attend Sydney Distance Education High School as fulltime students or under single course provision.

Fulltime applications can be made for students who are not able to attend a face to face school.

Single Course Provision is available for students who are currently attending a face to face school that cannot offer the student a particular course. 

Fulltime Enrolment Information

Single Course Provisions Information



Make a Payment Information PDF Print E-mail

How do I access online payments?

It is now possible for parents to make online payments to the school for amounts owing for students. Payments can be made using either a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, and can be made via computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

Click on this link to access the secure Westpac payment page.

$ Make a Payment

You will no longer be in the school’s website. The payment process is intuitive and follows the format of many other online payments that are used every day.

How do I make a payment?

The Payment Description details should come from the school invoice (Statement of Account) or as a list of items issued by the school. From the initial payment page payers will complete the details, some of which are mandatory (marked with an *), before confirming the payment details and completing the payment. A receipt can be printed from the payment page and/or be emailed to the payer. As a receipt has been issued from the payment page a further receipt will not be issued by the school.

You can enter the Student Registration Number and Invoice number if you are aware of them, but these are optional.

Additional lines can be accessed by using the button once a payment item box has been selected. For any option it is mandatory to include both a payment description and payment amount. The following list shows the total number of lines available for each transaction:

Voluntary school contributions (1 payment only).

Subject contributions (up to 10 payments) use this for specific subject contributions eg General Subject Contribution, Visual Arts – Elective only: Years 9 and 10.

Excursions (up to 5 payments) use this for specific excursions eg Skyzone excursion.

Sport (up to 5 payments) not generally used at SDEHS.

Creative & Practical Arts (up to 5 payments) please use subject contributions.

Sales to Students (up to 5 payments) use this for anything purchased by a student eg Calculator.

Other (up to 5 payments). Not generally used at SDEHS.

For any enquiries regarding the Online Payment process please contact the School Administration Office on 9383 0200.

How I can provide advice to the school that I have paid online?

If you have made an online payment for ANY invoice, please tick the box on the payment form and include the receipt number provided when you complete the online payment process.

Online receipt

Principal's Welcome PDF Print E-mail

We started 2018 celebrating student achievements. Our HSC results continue a tradition of academic excellence in distance education, including outstanding individual successes. I would particularly like to congratulate our HSC academic highest achievers. Over the past few years our HSC students have gained 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places in NSW with others achieving more than they ever imagined.

Mark Piddington

So, how good is our school?

In the most recent state wide Tell Them From Me Surveys in which we participated, we added a few questions of our own. I wanted to know how good students, parents and teachers thought this school was!

In this school, we gather so much data to identify what we do well and to help us develop the wisdom to do even better. Sometimes, however, just a simple question can really nail it ... and get to the essence of what is most important.

We asked, How good is this schoolFor students and teachers – for you. For parents – for your child.

It's a great question because it allows the space for each individual to bring their own experience and understanding to an answer.

The possible answers were Excellent, Very good, Good, OK and No good. Here are the results.

Student Responses (52)
Excellent, Very good, Good – 89%
Add in OK – 97%

Parent Responses (107)
Excellent, Very good, Good – 94%
Add in OK – 98.3%

Teacher Responses (131)
Excellent, Very good, Good – 95.4%
Add in OK – 100%

The numbers speak for themselves!

You will see below our recognition of some outstanding student successes over the past 8 years. You may also like to read our School Profile which also reflects the creative and inclusive spirit of our school community.

All the best.


Mark Piddington

Student Success

Higher School Certificate 2010 – 2017

In the 2017 HSC, students achieved 173 Band 5 and Band 6 results (2016  203, 2015 – 204, 2014 – 164, 2013 – 181, 2012 – 189, 2011 – 179, 2010 – 185). In the 2017 HSC, 31% of all bands awarded were Band 5 or Band 6 (2016 – 36%, 2015 – 36%, 2014 – 35%, 2013 – 37%, 2012 – 35%, 2011 – 42%, 2010 – 41%).

In addition to 245 single course enrolments, there were 40 students in Special Placement Settings and 108 Sydney Distance Education High School students completing all or part of the HSC, with 55 SDEHS students completing their HSC studies. Two SDEHS students were placed in the top 10 in the State, including one 2nd and one 6th with 18 Distinguished Achievers gaining one or more results in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4).

A significant number of our 2017 HSC students achieved Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATARs) which have resulted in successful university admissions including students achieving ATARS in the 90s. Outstanding individual HSC success over the past eight years include the following.


  • Francesca Wallis
    Senior Science, 2nd in State
  • Lauren Beasley
    Earth and Environmental Science, 6th in State


  • Annabelle Bowman
    Textiles and Design, 1st in State
  • David James Barnott-Clement
    Earth and Environmental Science, 2nd in State
  • Miela Lily Malyon
    Textiles and Design, 7th in State
  • Jerry Leung
    Information Processes and Technology, 8th in State
  • Lisa Cavagnino
    Textiles and Design, 9th in State
  • Benjamin Wilson
    Aboriginal Studies, 1st in State
  • Justin Julian
    Music Extension, 4th in State
  • Sean McKenna
    Business Services Examination, 6th in State
  • Olivia Poate
    Textiles and Design, 10th in State
  • Celine Tye
    Industrial Technology Multimedia, 10th in State
  • Nicholas Fitzsimons
    Studies of Religion 1, Equal 1st in State, 2013
  • Josephine Gibson
    Music 2 and Music Extension, 1st in New England Region, 2012
  • Lily Xu
    Textiles and Design, 2nd in State, 2011
  • Shayni Notelovitz
    HSC All-round Achievers List (students who score 90 or above in 10 or more units) Drama, 2nd in State, 2010
    Shayni received an outstanding ATAR of 97.75
  • Jay Coleing
    Textiles and Design, 1st in State, 2010
  • Ishraq Uddin
    Engineering Studies, 1st in State, 2010
  • Amy Cameron
    Information Processes and Technology (IPT), 2nd in State, 2010
  • Ryan Batehup
    Earth and Environmental Science, 4th in State, 2010

A number of our students have been selected for the prestigious showcasing of student excellence by both the Department of Education and the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA).

  • ARTEXPRESS: Visual Arts
    Danielle Guyot, 2017
    Emma Packer, 2010
  • ENCORE: Performance Works
    Luca Warburton, 2017
    Mitzi Gardner, 2016

    Justin Julian, 2015 (with full marks for 2015 HSC Music Extension Performance)
    Zac Olsen, 2015
    James Julian, 2015 (with full marks for 2014 HSC Music Extension Performance)
    Daniel Hardy, 2011

  • OnSTAGE: Drama Works
    Lauren Elton, Ryan Gonzalez, Ellie McDonald and Shayni Notelovitz, 2010

  • Shape: Outstanding HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology & Textiles and Design
    Miela Malyon, Textiles and Design, 2016
    Meagan Watson, Textiles and Design, 2016

  • TEXSTYLE Exhibition: Textiles and Design
    Peggy Grant-Dawes, 2016
    Felicity Lessing, 2016
    Miela Malyon, 2016
    Courtney New, 2016
    Samantha Taylor, 2016
    Nadia Wallis, 2016
    Meagan Watson, 2016
    Eleanor Stone, 2014
    Georgia Davis, 2012
    Kirilyn Doherty, 2011
    Georgina Butterworth, Jay Coleing, Mandish Kalsi, Emily Stone and Annette Wilson, 2010

The following students have been nominated for exhibitions and performances.

  • DesignTECH Exhibition
    Lillika Rogers-Fauske, 2014
    Jamie Von Drehnen, 2011
    Rachel Moody and James Guerrisi, 2010

    Mitzi Gardner, 2017
    Tony Lu, 2017
    Ariel Volovelsky, 2017          
    Luca Warburton, 2016
    Rio Xiang, 2017
    Justin Stephens, 2012
    Andrew Fazzone and Colin Taylor, 2010
  • Shape: Outstanding HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology & Textiles and Design
    Miela Malyon, Textiles and Design, 2016
    Meagan Watson, Textiles and Design, 2016

May all these students help to inspire other students to achieve their best.

As we focus on quality individualised education for each of our students, we continue to provide so many opportunities for flexible blended learning that is both creative and challenging.

School Profile

Sydney Distance Education High School is a public school committed to excellence and equity in distance education. We are the largest school provider of flexible blended learning programs in NSW, serving students from areas north of Wollongong, south of Newcastle, and west to the Blue Mountains. Close to the central business district of Sydney, we work on the land of the Traditional Custodians, the Cadigal People of Eora Country.

Students who meet specific enrolment requirements attend our school because they are not able to attend another school on a fulltime basis. We teach courses for fulltime and part program students who include students with medical conditions and those with additional support needs. We also teach students studying single courses which they are not able to access at their home schools. We offer a range of courses in Years 7–10 with our middle school program providing further courses for students who need additional literacy and numeracy support. We teach more than 40 courses for Years 11–12.

During 2017, our maximum enrolments were 1395 students with a fulltime equivalent student number of 687. We are entitled to over 140 teachers with 21 support staff and now employ more than 200 fulltime and part time staff.

We provide flexible blended learning opportunities for quality individualised education. Students may learn in many ways: through online lessons, written materials, web lessons, email and phone. We also engage students through videoconferencing, student online forums, study days, open days, excursions, peer support activities and teacher visits to schools and homes. Almost all of our Years 9 and 10 courses are delivered online and we have a number of Learning Hubs where students may work with teachers and other students.

Engagement with creative, challenging and blended learning opportunities is supplemented by inclusive student wellbeing programs and the school’s partnerships with communities, families and other schools. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to enhance their learning and sense of connection to their peers, their teachers and their school. Our high expectations are supported by a caring and nurturing environment with strong commitments to sustainability and social justice.

Distance education helps build independence and self discipline. We are proud of our students who have been placed into the top 10 in the state in Higher School Certificate courses and whose work has been selected for a range of prestigious exhibitions and performances. We are equally proud of all students whose courage and commitment is reflected in their determination to do their best.

Our website is for communication, collaboration and the celebration of student achievement. It features films made by SDEHS Productions which showcase so much of the spirit and success of our school community. We inspire students to learn and to live their dreams.

Fulltime Enrolment PDF Print E-mail

Enrolments should be for a minimum period of one term and can be made only with the appropriate referrals and certification.


These students have a medical condition that prevents them from attending school on a regular basis. Specialist medical documentation is required.

Pregnant students/young parents

These students are prevented from attending school by their pregnancy or the care for their young children.

Vocationally talented students

These students are employed in the entertainment industry or are students participating at elite levels in the performing arts or sport.

Students with significant support needs

These students have a diagnosis, confirmed disability or history of a mental health condition, autism, school phobia or severe disruptive behaviour which impacts on their engagement in learning and prevents them from attending school on a regular basis. Documentation is required.

Students in special placement settings 

Curriculum access may be available for students attending settings where teaching facilities are not available for them to achieve Year 10 or Higher School Certificate credentials.

How to contact us

Telephone: (02) 9383 0200 - Office
(02) 9383 0213 - Enrolments Coordinator
Fax: (02) 9383 0222
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

After discussing your eligibility for enrolment please download and return the appropriate documentation to:

Sydney Distance Education High School
Locked Bag 5000

General Information PDF Print E-mail

Parents in Learning

Students learn best, and have improved health and wellbeing outcomes, when they have a secure, stable and positive learning environment.

At Sydney Distance Education High School we believe that success in distance education is dependent on the student, family, supervisor, teacher and school working together in partnership.

Role of Supervisor

Supervisors play a vital facilitating role; they are the link between the school teachers and the student. They are partners with the school teachers in the delivery of education. Their main role is to guide, encourage and support students in developing independent learning skills and enabling students to do set tasks in the negotiated time.

We aim to make this partnership a positive one and to encourage and facilitate communication at all levels.

Change of Supervisor form

School Newsletter

The school newsletter helps you keep in regular and up to date contact with the events, study days, excursions and other activities which are occurring at school. Student and supervisor input is welcome. To download current and past newsletters click here.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions for how to improve our communication and team approach?

Let us know by completing the Contact Us form on our website.

Technology Guide for Parents

Find out about all the technologies your child could be using at school, at home and on the go! Click magazine is full of information about how things work, what is good about them and things you may need to be careful of.

General School Information

School A to Z provides practical help for parents on homework, study, technology and child wellbeing.


Sydney Distance Education High School aims to provide a safe, supportive learning and social environment for all students.

With this in mind, the following student and supervisor support services are available:

  • School Counsellor - Robyn Hromek. Any student or supervisor can make an appointment with the school counsellor. School counsellors can help students deal with their problems, help students learn new skills such as getting on better with friends or controlling their anger, and work out ways to make it easier for students to learn.
  • "Making Connections" is a student leadership group which provides opportunities for students to take leadership positions in Peer Support and on the Student Representative Council.
  • Student Friendship/Mentoring teleconference groups run at regular intervals throughout the year. These groups aim to develop skills to promote student social and emotional well-being.
  • Community Support Events. Our school has identified the importance of providing opportunities for students to become involved in community activities. Amnesty International is our school's focus organisation. We hold a number of events throughout the year to support this organisation including a talent quest and Harmony Day activities. Our school also supports the Amnesty International Youth Forum.
  • End of term movie days provide an opportunity for parents and supervisors to enjoy one another's company and celebrate the achievements of the term.

Details of upcoming events are published in the school's newsletter and are available on the school website. Students are invited to contribute to these forums. In this way the whole school community can celebrate their efforts and achievements.

Our student support team includes roll call teachers, year advisors, welfare head teacher (Helen Cladakis (02) 9383 0320 and the school counsellor (02) 9383 0202). Contact our team if you need any assistance. If we can't help you then we can refer you on to a community agency or organisation that might be able to provide support.

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