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Study days, individual student visits, open days and presentation days provide excellent opportunities for students to meet their teachers face to face, participate in exciting and engaging learning activities, interact with other students and be rewarded for their efforts.

Study Days

art12march085.jpgAll faculties offer a variety of study days throughout the year to truly engage students in their learning experiences. Some examples of our study days include: science experiments, hands on computer training, guest speakers, art and music classes, drama workshops and textiles lessons.

Upcoming Study Days (click the green button in the key)

Showcase of previous Study Days


Open Days

harmonyday08.jpgOpen days provide a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to reconnect or make new connections. Every year SDEHS organises the Big Day In and each year this event just gets bigger and better. In 2008 the Big Day In was hugely successful with more than 200 students, parents and supervisors in attendance. Some of the activities on offer were: rock climbing, NASA videoconference, music workshops, drama demonstrations, extreme science experiments, IKI magic fitness class with an instructor,  Histrivia and broadcasting from Dubbo.

We’ve received some fantastic feedback from the participants this year and we recommend that students, parents and supervisors DO NOT miss out on next year's event.

We have various other open days such as Harmony Day, which are open to all students.

Upcoming Open Days (click the pink button in the key)

Showcase of previous Open Days


historygeograpyharbourcruise2.jpgThe diversity of learning experiences for students at SDEHS is expanded through the number of excursions it offers each year. Faculties regularly organise excursion to destinations such as: Fort Denison, Art Gallery of NSW, Nicholson Museum, Sydney Theatre Company, Camden Park Environmental Education Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art, NSW Parliament House, Newtown Cemetery, National Maritime Museum and even the cinema for peer support days.

Showcase of previous Excursions



Individual Student Visits

artyr12march083.jpgSDEHS is proud of our record in bringing quality, individualised education to students who cannot attend a face-to-face school. We endeavour to provide every opportunity for the students’ success.

At school: We welcome students to come and visit their teachers at our school site during normal school hours. Please contact the student's teacher and/or year advisor in advance.

Getting Here

At home, school or centre: We have a very active field service program, where teachers go out and visit the students in their homes or schools or at a centre. Students and parents/supervisors need to contact the student's teacher to arrange a visit.