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2013 was the last year of the federally funded Digital Education Revolution (DER) laptop program, however we will continue to support students who choose to bring their own laptops to study days at Sydney Distance Education High School. Please refer to our Bring Your Own Device (
BYOD) guidelines for more information.

The Digital Education Revolution is part of a global movement towards providing 21st century skills to students.

Studies where each student has access to wireless computing show:

  • Increased student motivation, engagement and interest.
  • Improved student organisation and improved self-directed learning.
  • Increased academic achievements and better work habits.
  • Improved communication.


Each laptop comes with dozens of software packages including the latest generation Microsoft and Adobe products. This gives NSW students and teachers access to the largest and most comprehensive distribution of software in any education system worldwide. The Department of Education has also invested in world class wireless networking that provides wireless internet access to every classroom. The Department of Education has also provided full-time onsite technical support for secondary schools as well as professional learning for teachers.



If you would like to find out more information about the usage and ownership of these laptops then please contact the school's DER Technical Support Officer Dimitri Tzifas on (02) 9383 0474 as soon as possible.


If you would like to access more information about the DER program please go to the following Department of Education and Training website:

If students would like to access some online resourses on how to use the laptops and its software, please go to our e-Learning (Moodle) site: