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Year 11 Overview PDF Print E-mail

This year, students start preparing for the Higher School Certificate, so it's important your child settles into a good routine that balances study commitments and life outside of school.

Time Management Tips

Senior students need to be self-motivated. Here are useful links that will help your child stay focussed on their studies:

Preparing for the HSC

The subjects studied in Year 11 are preliminary subjects for HSC study and exams in Year 12.


Year 11 can be a challenging time for students. Your child's year adviser and other staff are available to give support or students can make an appointment to see the school counsellor.

Careers Advice

Our school careers adviser can help students make educational choices, including studying Pathways, define a career direction and prepare for future study and training.

Head Teacher VET/Careers:
Brett Hall - 93830425

The Pathways Alternative

The HSC can be accumulated over a period of five years from the completion of the first HSC course. This allows for flexible study arrangements and is often referred to by the term "Pathways". Pathways provisions also include being able to repeat one or more HSC courses or acceleration, which allows more able students to progress through their study requirements at a faster rate.

Careers Advisor:
Anna Hampouris - 93830456