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How do I access online payments?

It is now possible for parents to make online payments to the school for amounts owing for students. Payments can be made using either a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, and can be made via computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

Click on this link to access the secure Westpac payment page.

$ Make a Payment

You will no longer be in the school’s website. The payment process is intuitive and follows the format of many other online payments that are used every day.

How do I make a payment?

The Payment Description details should come from the school invoice (Statement of Account) or as a list of items issued by the school. From the initial payment page payers will complete the details, some of which are mandatory (marked with an *), before confirming the payment details and completing the payment. A receipt can be printed from the payment page and/or be emailed to the payer. As a receipt has been issued from the payment page a further receipt will not be issued by the school.

You can enter the Student Registration Number and Invoice number if you are aware of them, but these are optional.

Additional lines can be accessed by using the button once a payment item box has been selected. For any option it is mandatory to include both a payment description and payment amount. The following list shows the total number of lines available for each transaction:

Voluntary school contributions (1 payment only).

Subject contributions (up to 10 payments) use this for specific subject contributions eg General Subject Contribution, Visual Arts – Elective only: Years 9 and 10.

Excursions (up to 5 payments) use this for specific excursions eg Skyzone excursion.

Sport (up to 5 payments) not generally used at SDEHS.

Creative & Practical Arts (up to 5 payments) please use subject contributions.

Sales to Students (up to 5 payments) use this for anything purchased by a student eg Calculator.

Other (up to 5 payments). Not generally used at SDEHS.

For any enquiries regarding the Online Payment process please contact the School Administration Office on 9383 0200.

How I can provide advice to the school that I have paid online?

If you have made an online payment for ANY invoice, please tick the box on the payment form and include the receipt number provided when you complete the online payment process.

Online receipt