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Parents in Learning

Students learn best, and have improved health and wellbeing outcomes, when they have a secure, stable and positive learning environment.

At Sydney Distance Education High School we believe that success in distance education is dependent on the student, family, supervisor, teacher and school working together in partnership.

Role of Supervisor

Supervisors play a vital facilitating role; they are the link between the school teachers and the student. They are partners with the school teachers in the delivery of education. Their main role is to guide, encourage and support students in developing independent learning skills and enabling students to do set tasks in the negotiated time.

We aim to make this partnership a positive one and to encourage and facilitate communication at all levels.

Change of Supervisor form

School Newsletter

The school newsletter helps you keep in regular and up to date contact with the events, study days, excursions and other activities which are occurring at school. Student and supervisor input is welcome. To download current and past newsletters click here.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions for how to improve our communication and team approach?

Let us know by completing the Contact Us form on our website.

Technology Guide for Parents

Find out about all the technologies your child could be using at school, at home and on the go! Click magazine is full of information about how things work, what is good about them and things you may need to be careful of.

General School Information

School A to Z provides practical help for parents on homework, study, technology and child wellbeing.


Sydney Distance Education High School aims to provide a safe, supportive learning and social environment for all students.

With this in mind, the following student and supervisor support services are available:

  • School Counsellor - Robyn Hromek. Any student or supervisor can make an appointment with the school counsellor. School counsellors can help students deal with their problems, help students learn new skills such as getting on better with friends or controlling their anger, and work out ways to make it easier for students to learn.
  • "Making Connections" is a student leadership group which provides opportunities for students to take leadership positions in Peer Support and on the Student Representative Council.
  • Student Friendship/Mentoring teleconference groups run at regular intervals throughout the year. These groups aim to develop skills to promote student social and emotional well-being.
  • Community Support Events. Our school has identified the importance of providing opportunities for students to become involved in community activities. Amnesty International is our school's focus organisation. We hold a number of events throughout the year to support this organisation including a talent quest and Harmony Day activities. Our school also supports the Amnesty International Youth Forum.
  • End of term movie days provide an opportunity for parents and supervisors to enjoy one another's company and celebrate the achievements of the term.

Details of upcoming events are published in the school's newsletter and are available on the school website. Students are invited to contribute to these forums. In this way the whole school community can celebrate their efforts and achievements.

Our student support team includes roll call teachers, year advisors, welfare head teacher (Helen Cladakis (02) 9383 0320 and the school counsellor (02) 9383 0202). Contact our team if you need any assistance. If we can't help you then we can refer you on to a community agency or organisation that might be able to provide support.