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Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is an emerging technology that all Department of Education and Training schools have access to as part of the Connected Classrooms initiative. SDEHS has been at the cutting edge of using this tool to communicate with students and between staff members since 2005.

elearning at SDEHS

Elearning has always played a major part of teaching and learning at Sydney Distance Education High School. We have hosted online lessons on our school webpage since 2002. In 2006, SDEHS introduced the use of Moodle to handle the management of our learning materials and online student/teacher communication. We now have over 100 full and part time courses online and are continually developing and updating a variety of courses to enhance our curriculum. We are constantly revaluating this process to make it the best system possible to meet the needs of our students. To access our courses go to elearning.